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Our private investigators are committed to excellence and setting a high standard for the investigative industry

We provide specialized services to law firms, insurance companies, businesses, government agencies, and private clients. We are your exclusive resource to experienced investigative professionals. Clients turn to us because of our expertise, the personal attention we give to each case, and because we provide our clients with accurate information, quickly and cost-effectively.

We service all of Southern California.

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Past and present clients are our best form of advertising. See what they're saying about us.

"Denise has truly been a godsend to me! From the moment I signed papers with her, I have been impressed how she handles her investigations. She regularly calls to update me on information she has found. She is extremely ethical. She is very thorough in her work. I have recommended her to friends who need this kind of a service, and would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering hiring her. Amazing is an understatement!" Sarah

We have been very pleased with LP Solutions! Denise gets the job done efficiently, effectively and on a timely manner! Very professional and knowledgeable! We highly recommend LP Solutions for all your investigative needs!

Munoz Family

Denise worked for me on my case about finding my son who was kidnapped by his mother, whom he hasn't seen on a regular basis for years. She found my son within a week of me hiring her. She payed extra attention to detail and she really seemed to care about my case and my son's welfare. She went out of her way and beyond the call of duty on her behalf in many, many ways. Even after she found my son... and he was back in my care, she stuck around in court to make sure he got back to me safe and secure with the judges blessing. My experience working with Denise was that she was nothing short of a miracle worker. I realize she might not be as quick and efficient with every case because every case is different, but I guarantee one thing: she will give %110 effort. If she involves herself in your case, she will care about your situation to the fullest extent possible.


Ryan Redford


I can't put into words the appreciation I have for Denise's work on my case. She met with me before she took my case, looked over all of my records, and really applied herself into finding everything she needed to help me with it. I never felt like my time or hers was wasted and she always did a wonderful job of keeping me updated. The amount of experience definitely shows in her work and her professionalism on the job is through the roof. She works with a high standard of ethics and gave me the feeling of taking my case serious with a personal touch. She goes above and beyond from start to finish and I couldn't have dreamed for better results from her investigation.

Dan Salver

I am writing this as a thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words almost seem ridiculously inadequate.

In our darkest hour, in the middle of a nightmare no family should ever face, when our young son, who was still in middle school, disappeared, and we had no where to turn for help, we were immeasurably blessed to find CFSI. After searching in vain for our son virtually alone without much police support at all, we were referred to your organization. Our son had been missing at this point going on 3 months and we were heartbroken and desperate. Immediately after contacting CFSI, the team at CFSI sprung into action. They assembled a team led by the fantastic beyond compare Denise Savastano, with the wonderful Lynn Walmuth from the Nomad division, together assisting, and began at once to search for our son. Honestly, from the very first night on we could see how truly dedicated and tenacious they were. I felt immediate hope and relief that we were not alone, and that our son could be found (we were struggling to stay hopeful as the grim weeks turned to months). Denise quickly assembled a team with the core field investigators, the most incredible people - private investigators Jeff Kaplan and Sandy Woodall-Jacobson, along with Denise, worked night and day, and on some weeks following leads around the clock, literally for days turning into nights, losing sleep, yet searching into the wee hours of the morning, to find our son and bring him home. I spoke to Denise every single day of this investigation. She functioned as team captain, counselor, shoulder to cry on, and consummate professional investigator. Everyone on the team was unbelievably kind, and dedicated to bringing our son home. Just as we were nearing 5 months with our son still gone, CFSI found him (he was alive and ok) and we were able to bring him home. Now I must say, I am not sure without CFSI if we would have been able to locate him, and I cannot bear to imagine what could have happened to him, especially if much more time had passed. If we had traveled the United States, and then hired the best team available, I do not believe we would have had a better team at the ready to locate our son. The fact that CFSI and Nomad do all this as volunteers is astounding. Our family was truly blessed beyond compare to be so fortunate to have them help us in navigating the worst nightmare any of us can imagine. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I will always be thankful to CFSI and Nomad.

With greatest appreciation,

Asya Adana and the entire Adana Family





Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to legally and ethically conduct the highest level of investigations with the utmost level of professionalism in every aspect of our work. We hire staff with impeccable credentials and only use resources that are dependable, tried and trusted.

Our commitment 

LP Solutions is an investigative agency that is committed to keeping our
clients as our main focus. We are finders of facts who search for the truth no matter where the path leads us.

Our experience

Our investigative team is comprised of highly motivated and skilled investigators with diverse backgrounds, who offer thirty years of investigative experience.



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